Saturday, September 17, 2011

17th September 2011 Gunung Datuk!

Its almost the end of my sem break though can consider the end dy bah~
finished up almost everything i wanted to do dy~

Recently i went hiking with Edwin and bor lih~
We climbed Gunung Datuk which is located at seremban near rembau~
had a very awesome trip seriously~ i really enjoyed myself~
the sense of adventure was really there :D

On the 14th september, evening i went to edwin's place to over night, coz we plan to move out around 5am in the morning~ so must wake up around 4am~ had an awesome night at his place~ went out iwth him and lee jin to sunway~ both of them stay at klang wei~ haha~ went to sunway pyramid wanted to try out the famous chatime dorcas told me so much about~ and yes tried it~ ermm its nice la but not addictive to me~  wanted to meet up with dorcas at sunway de coz her class ends about 9.30pm that night~ but i left the place early for CC session with the doods so dint meet up with her bah~ haha~

we spend 2 hours plus gaming~ haha~ all of us so rusty dy we even lose to the Ai wei~
anyhow after that we went back and prepare for the trip~ got the cordinates for my gps to lead the way~
and pack up everything~ we rest about 2am but thx to the chatime it kept us awake almost the whole night~
woke up at 4am to bath and we went to McD to da bao breakfast~ i taste great in the car while edwin was showing off his driving skills :P tried to consume coffee for a change~ i added 4 packets of creamer and 3 packets of sugar but the taste still sucks to me =3= damn mayb coffee and i really cant get along bah~ i tried to love it but my love failed~ mayb i wasn't drinking it right?

we pick bor lih up around 5am and we were on our way~ stop at another McD for bor lih to get his breakfast~
And after we continue our journey~ to find that the gps cordinates that i've found online turns out to be fake =3= hor we were in deep deep shit tat time could say we were lost in sumwher between kl and seremban~
but thx to the technology of iphone 4~ we found a new route and took us about 3 hours drive b4 we reach the mountain foot~ damn we were so excited~ 3 of us prepared lolipop to suck our way up! :D
as we began our journey up the mountain~ the mountain route was so steep about 65 degrees wei~
and the leeches were so aggressive as if they saw 3 walking buffets wei~

half way up both me and edwin were at our limit mayb due to the lolipop and the altitude~ there were times i feel like turning back but we dint la we just push on! after awhile we were alright and charging upwards~ haha~ took us about 2hours to reach the peak~ the peak was seriously awesome its so spacous can fit about 30 ppl to camp~ and the other side for side seeing was fantastic! though abit dangerous but we cant be bothered at all~ we were too happy and were taking pictures for about 1 hours~ we finished our drinks and started to head downwards~

As we climb up the same road we took to the foot of the hill~ scary wei~ coz very steep and the leeches are jus too aggressive~ they got bor lih~ suck him up nicely though he dint really care but for me~ ugh i jus dun wanna try it :D~ took us about 1 hour to reach the foot of the hill~ coz we dint stop at all~ to come down was not tiring jus straining onli~

All in all its very interesting trip the best thing is there were to one other than us~ so the adventuring feel was really there~ :D

there's suppose to be more photo but its with edwin~ i'll upload it when i have bah~ ciaosu!

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