Thursday, August 11, 2011

12 August 2011 Liberi Fatali

Had been spending most of my time studying for this week,
though there's a saying " don't mistake activities for achievement~!"
So i'll still need to pour my heart into revisions.

I took a break from my studies this wednesday and attended the screening day for the broadcasting students and yes she'll be too la of coz. bah just have to be extra careful not to do make stupid mistakes bah, though the question goes like this

Q: what examples of stupid mistakes? u see her den say hi la duh?
A: Err ya gua, just keep in eye la coz i'm blind when i'm in the dark without my glasses so if she happened to say hi 1st I MUST REPLY or not there'll be another misunderstanding which is very very very very bad!

So on wednesday, elaine told me to be there by 1pm while wendi told me to be there by 2pm, hmmm i followed elaine coz she's the one that i help out so thought mayb she need me to be there abit early or what la. haha~ in the end, i reach there by 1pm to be told to wait til 2pm, which i spend reading notez in my car. Anyway i was really glad i attended it, learned alot seriously. was abit shocked to see how elaine's video turn out. haha was really top notched, partly of my poor acting skills bah.. anyhow was really amazed how they did it so well~ there were a few that i mark them as high potential, especially Pork's MV wao~ blew me away wei~ haha~ i dint know he was such an awesome guy~ "her" video wasn't bad oso quite nice~ wendi's MV was oso breathe taking~ And Derick's movie trailer was the best trailer i would say~ its a comedy compared to the others which are suspense and horror. the rest wasn't bad oso la but these few really stand out lor~ editing and shooting these video aint easy u know? u'll need to try to shoot one there you'll know how hard it is to produce a very very very good one.

I was abit shocked to see ann chuan and xander in broadcasting wei~ i thought both of them different course~ anyway both of them did an awesome job oso~ pro sia~ haha~ though i thought a few groups could do better la, but who am i to judge ppl =3= i'm just a nobody flowing with the flow~Anyway one of the most important thing i learn was seriously nothing is impossible, its the determination that changes the outcome.

After the screening sessions ended, while i was standing behind and chatting with eveline and john, there "she" was haha~ though i told to chance to talk to her abit~ haha really made my day :DDDD though i forgot to wish her all the best in her finals.. but hey i guess i'll just do it when her finals comes closer bah. anyway i think yes i can do it, i can bury my feeling for her for now. haha~ it'll be the path i'll have to walk bah~

though after all this, elaine belanja me and chin yee to pizza hut~ had a awesome meal while chatting with them, was seriously hypered mayb coz too happy dy~ :D when i reach home, dad asked me to go out with him to buy things, i was so happy i dint think of the word " No " at all~ haha~ and after buying all the things, when we're about to leave for home, bah my car cant start =3= sien~ but i was still very hyper so macam no feel haha~ Ah yoon came and fixed it up for me though~ haha~

This will be the last post before the finals. i'll really have to focus and put aside everything. Other than her, this sentence "A little insight wont make this right!" has been floating in my mind lately, hmm wonder why... haha~ btw don't mind the title this time its just a song i've heard very long ago which suddenly came back to me~ haha~ anyway guys should know this song bah since it was u guys that intro-ed it to me de =)


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