Wednesday, August 3, 2011

3rd August 2011 Nostalgic

Its been a rough week for me, due to reports that was stacking up.
anyway i've put an end to the reports dy, so with the little i have left i'm updating again~ :D
funny i'm saying that, i only come here to dump things though. anyway who cares~ its jus known as updating for short :DDD

Yesterday, my bro asked me to go for a jog with him, i thought it was just around our garden but in the end i found myself jogging at a very nostalgic place... desa park city. bah nothing's wrong with the place, cause everything is cooking in my head bah~ whenever i passed by the place where we sat and chat, damn macam suddenly kena bombed by thoughts~ haha~ i don't hate it, but i just want to let things settle down abit and focus on my finals, likewise if i don't do anything stupid i won't cause any problems for her bah? haha~ though i wasn't running like i used to because i was trying to motivate my bro to jog a few more rounds by running slow and matching his pace. i'm able to motivate people but i honestly fail to help myself out at times. i wonder mayb one day i can run with her like this? hmm a bit farfetched~ anyway i can keep dreaming bah~ while running, the things like what we talked about that day were literally ringing in my head clearly especially the one she said about how last time there used to be guy that was interested in her and said to her that after they coupled then only they get to know each other more is oso not very late. hmmm... more a less the same situation as me i guess? but honestly i wasn't planning to ask her about being with me until later de lor, but somehow things just grew out of hand TA DAH~ i'm here~ haha~

Recently, Sam said she wanted to organize a team building trip for the thriller night crews, honestly i was really happy there's this kinda trip after the finals, was hoping maybe i could fix things with her during the trip? haha~ i quickly confirm everything and was pouring my heart into my studies dy, at least I'm no longer hopeless and i have something to expect after the finals.
but to my horror Sam text-ed me late that night saying the trip was cancel~ haha~ somehow i had a feeling something like this would happen but i dint bother because was REALLY REALLY hoping that it would happen~ haha.. anyway I've just have to find another way bah~ :D

had been finding myself in situation where is spontaneously made decision that i usually wont, example i went to donate blood, which at 1st i saw eveline's status den suddenly the next day i'm donating blood already. and on tuesday when i woke up from my sleep, after hearing the word YES i suddenly decide to wear my YES shirt and blue skinnies, which was very not me bah~ haha~ like what lyn said bah just do something u'll never do de bah~

13 days left til finals~ Lets go all out bah!

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