Saturday, August 27, 2011

27th August 2011 5th milestone

After 15 days of pouring effort into my studies for my finals and disconnecting from facebook and blogging~
everything has finally ended~
And now sem break~ :D
its a break from all the studies but i still have my own duties and responsibilities to handle~
alot of my frined kept asking me to on my Fb but then i thought ugh why? and since i made a promise to seal my FB acc. i better keep to my word bah. and i don't wan to be the type of person that can say but cannot do, but rather i wan to be the type tat am true to my word just like my father. And is best i don't go back on my words bah, it usually ends up as a back fire de.

honestly these 15 days wasn't a walk in a park for me, mayb its just because i haven really poured so much effort into my exams before. almost everyday i sleep at 1am den wake up at 5 am just to study, i was reaching a point where i really hate sleeping because its a waste of time but yet my body needs it which i cant help it. everyday i was screaming for more time...
was kinda going crazy, i dont know why i'm so serious about my exams this sem..
i told myself:

if i have time to set my hair;
i rather use it to study.
if i have time to facebook;
i rather use it to study.
if i have time to blog;
i rather use it to study.
if i have time to go rest;
i rather use it to study.
if i have time to think about her;
i must use it to study.

though the last one i failed quite a few times...
alot of times unconsciously i was thinking about her...
and hmmm i wanted to wish her all the best for her finals, i was having a hard time deciding whether to call her or to text her? coz i cant use facebook due to promise i made to myself to seal my facebook until i finish my finals so finding her on fb was out of the question. in the end i decide to call her coz i was afraid she might not get the message =3=

while i was calling, i feeling was kinda nervous coz its been awhile since i talk to her on the phone, to my horror it dint get through... and then i decided to text her as a last resort, but then the message dint get through judging from since there was no message received report. i tried 2 days but nth got through. until i had no choice but to ask wesha what happen bah. i'm guessing she changed her handphone number, coz its very inconvenient for a college student to off their phone for more than one day bah. jus guessing but i don't wanna jump to conclusions~ and she's not the type that will simply or randomly change her number de bah..

and on Thursday after my exam while walking to my car and i was taking off my specs, she walk pass just like a breeze.. by the time i noticed it was her, it was already too late~ she walked off, at that point i was asking myself whether or not i should chase her that time but then i thought even if i did chase her what am i expecting? bah though sometimes chasing her mayb good though. but that day something was abit off about her, kinda felt it i guess. dunno mayb i was just thinking too much bah~ mayb i should had just chased her and ask her tat day bah? haha~

anyway since i'm free from all my finals mayb i'll start finding her on FB bah?

and since my holiday is here~ so far here's the list of things i wanna do~:
  1. complete my kingdom key
  2. try the matcha swiss roll recipe
  3. try the chills molten chocolate cake recipe
  4. register for the 21km run
  5. find at least 2 sponsors for the coming hollow night event
  6. try laser tag
  7. purchase a hand drill a.k.a carving pen
  8. purchase and study about the 3x3x3 LED system
  9. find a job for my internship.
  10. buy a takoyaki pan and try cooking takoyaki
  1. go sungkai hot springs
  2. ask her out if possible
  3. go rafting at kampah.

And thats about all~ By the Way this is the 100th Post~ haha~

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