Monday, August 8, 2011

8th August 2011 Memory lane

this isn't their campus i jus took it because the way the clouds looks so weird, more liek their mist rather than clouds
My long lost sistar chong jia wei~ haha~

My long lost brother Ng Wen Bin~ haha~

monoct and me~

while goofing around in their lecturing hall~ haha~ monoct, me and wen bin~

my beloved ah mah~

Had trip back to Ipoh, it start around 7am in the morning though i slept through the whole journey. though was woked up when my bro got stopped by the police =3=

anyhow had breakfast at ah mah's house~ really missed her, as usual her cooking was awesome! haha~ learned something from her today too~ haha~ really love her for all the things she's taught me.

after breakfast, my bro send me to UTAR in Kampar to lepak with wen bin, monoct and xiao wei~ haha~ wen bin and xiao wei are my long lost brother and sistar! i've lost contact with them ever since 2005, and since last time we dint have handphones neither did we have emails yet. though i wrote letters back to them but somehow there was no reply and slowly i stop writing.
but anyway to be able to meet up with them today was one of my happiest moments!

Wen bin has grown so tall and his so fit, though i don't a hav photo of him last time, but his jus so handsome now haha~ but his reaction is the same as last time bah very big reactions~ Xiao wei is the sistar that was born on the same year, same month and same day as me only a few hours different haha~ she've slim down mayb bcoz she've grown slightly taller bah~ haha~ And monoct! haha its been awhile since i last saw her~ she looks like she's really enjoying her campus life here~ and yes their campus looks very awesome! alot better than the KTAR and UTAR in setapak. I attended wen bin and monoct's lecture got to know wen bin's girlfriend haha she isn't as short as i thought she was though~ seems like wen bin is doing fine himself~ :D damn i really missed those time when i was still in ipoh, always doing things with wen bin and was kinda innocent bah last time, but if it wasn't because that i've came to kl i guess i've would had become just another streetrat and a rubbish of society. well everything has a price to pay bah~ haha~

though today when i was walking around UTAR with my bro while waiting for wen bin, i bump into Ah phoon honestly i was shocked! her hair wasn't blonde and honestly i like how she looks now :D looks more healthy and less lala-ed bah~ was surprise she recognized me! and she ever remember my name!!! WAO even though i din't talk to her before in camp =3= bah guess i'm popular in camp :DDDD haha~ as if la...

Overall today i sat for hours chit chatting with xiao wei and wen bin~ really got alot to catch up with btw xiao wei oso dint change much la like last time when i made her cry, hor hor BOY did she came after me! haha~ coz she told a case of a friend of hers, pushing her too much until she snapped until now~ hor hor scary sia~ so learn for today? DONT EVER PISS XIAO WEI OFF U'LL REGRET IT! haha~

honestly was really glad i was given a chance to spend time with them :D
though the nest time i wanna meet up with suk fui~ heard she's taking her form6 now~

OKAY its time for me to get serious and prove myself!!
And after all of this i promise i will set things right!!

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