Sunday, August 7, 2011

7th August 2011 鏡の国

This is KANO Yasuhiro latest work~ i can see the potential of it in jus the 1st chapter~ haha~ most of his works are about secrets how the main character has a secret that can absolutely cannot be told to anyone~ hope this time he doesn't get cancel before he could end the manga properly.

Anyway after reading this manga some how relax me~ as shown above there are some phrases that hits me directly like an arrow~ haha especially the part where he tells himself how he has carefully told the chance and use it as a foundation to build friend relationship with satomi, and if his too careless to place high hopes on top of all this, he could end up with nothing. And not just from his mouth. even a slight rumor that ends up in satomi's ears is a big NO-NO. Unless he is absolutely positive that it will work. he will not risk ruining this unique relationship that lady luck has blessed him~ and because of that he'll have to bury his own love without hesitation.

If and only if i had thought that far just like him, to not risk the chances things may had ended differently mayb? haha~ Anyway recently i thought that even if we're together we won't have lasted bah consider how things had already turn out to be, the same would happen if we were together but mayb it'll happen a bit later but its sure to come. Anyway all i can do now is just like harisugawa, I'll just have to bury my love without hesitation. Somehow i used to think that i couldn't do it but now i think i can do it bah! Anyway since I've nearly gone berserk on the 5th august, I'm feeling quite composed and cool about things now.

anyway it's not that I'm clueless and directionless at all now, I've 2 projects listed out with the highest priority, will be updating about them more after my finals. So lets face what is at hand~ Finals!!! and wishing her all the best in her finals bah~ though i'll just text her when the time comes bah~ haha~ I shall nat make stupid mistakes anymore!

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