Sunday, March 28, 2010

20th march 2010 little inventor annual lunch

It was the day which i was looking forward to the most
since its the 1st time i've been involved in a company annual lunch.
And i really thank god for using my boss to bless me to be able to join this annual lunch,
its was a very fun day~
Even though our initial plans dint went as we wanted but overall it was okay~
I woke up early in the morning to find myself sitting in front of the computer doin the usual saturday rountine, reading manga, checking out facebook, reading blogs etc.
I was still kinda trouble by the incident though after the lunch i fell so much more better and relieve~ thank god.
I was having a hard time pick my outfit since i dint have the right pants to go wif my shirt i ended up wearing my office pants to the gardens and later buying and wearing a new one on the
spot. the pants was kinda cheap though onli rm40 usually long pants would be around rm 80
Was a very enjoyable trip to the gardens and back from the gardens~
Since all the teachers were so fun to be around and friendly as ever~
I guess their dint juz get their title as a teacher overnight~
Patience and endurance tat the major key in being a teacher.
Juz a breif on wad happend when we reach the gardens.
When we reach we were kinda early so i quickly took the chance to buy my pants and changed into it, and right after tat we went to the meeting place which is red box.
Where our dress code for the annual lunch was red and black, the red box worker's dress code were oso the same. Therfore we thought we mayb mistaken as a worker there~
Well after we had found which is our room, to find tat almost everyone was waiting for us inside there. When we enter there were teachers from other centers helping themselves wif the karaoke machine and singing their hearts out, we too help ourselves with the machine we were able to sing around 5 or 6 songs onli, then the slogan competition began.
Well, when it started to find out tat the other centers were really well prepared
while all we had was juz the script which i wrote, wasn't anything to wow about it though. and we onli practise around 3 times onli due to our busy timetable at work, sounds kinda like we are giving an excuse la~ we kinda messed up our tempo during the competition.
But in the end we got 3rd place~ haha wow~ we dint expected tat~ thank god~
After the competition, the buffet started the food was "so so" onli nth to wow about
mayb the desserts was abit better compared to the rest.
Right after lunch the singing competition started~ our center went 1st
Our 2 teams were han han and connie were the 1st team.
the 2nd team was vivian, amutha and shalili.
Well during the performance of han han and connie sumhow i was involved in it too,
Onli as a spice to spice up the atmosphere.
Since vivian's team was our turmp card so when it was vivian's team turn, we the teacher from kepong made sure we cheer our hearts for them, Well their trump was the dance which expose t.vivian quite abit though but no harm i guess most of the teacher are female.
When the singing competition ended to find tat none of our kepong team won but i think we oso dint mind since it was fun juz cheering for them and everyone was happy~
At 1st we plan to go for 2nd round of karaoke after the annual lunch since most of us wasn't given a chance to sing, but then sumthing came up and we went to t.vivian's bak ku teh store right after the annual dinner. kinda full at tat time but i did make space~ xD
One of our teachers were missing tat time due to sum family problem dun nid to go into much detail about tat, after our meal we went to her house to pick her up to see for was she doing.
She looked quite ok tat time of coz strong will mah~ haha~
We wanted to take her to desa park city to walk around at 1st but then her bf came and took her away~ nth we can do ler~ haha~ At tat time there were onli hanhan, t.on and me onli.
The 1st time we did was rush to the toilet = =
Since all our tank full haha wad else?
After we walked around the park enjoying the wind and we sat on 3 stones while waiting for t.on bf to arrive~ after he arrive we walk around abit then we parted~
Overall it was a very enjoyable day~
I've got to see alot of types of faces today knowing tat these are the ppl i'm working wif,
and i've got to know alot of types of ppl.
Is this wad working life is like? Though i think there's pros and cons to these type of living.
i thank god for everything tat he had blessed me.

Me and Teacher choo choo!~

Connie and T.on
I like the expression on their faces xD

Me and teacher sam~
Hanhan Me and connie~ xD

My nai ma~

A group photo of little inventor kepong!!!

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