Saturday, March 13, 2010

Things as time goes by..

Its been kinda rough for me these few days
She is cold to me and colder as the days goes by.
What do i do? I know tat he like tat guy alot and the way she chose to end things was not as friendly as i thought.
She now enjoy her time wif him, and yes i'm juz a minor for now on.
Him? I dunno tat person, and i dunno wad is he able to do.
She inist tat we totally cut off, what do u think?
She claims by doin so she is helping me to overcome tis and to forget her.
Of coz for her to make such a stand onli shows tat how much she dislike to have anything to do wif me, and to claim tat she is helping me?
Sounds more like she's helping herself more.
Is there another way? I think yes but why this way?
Why does things have to become like this?
Does everyone end up the same?
Juz another reflection of myself.

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