Monday, March 29, 2010

25th march 2010 Dinner at korean restoran

Its was the last week i was working in little inventor
oso the week right after the annual lunch.
While joking and fooling around in the office while oour boss wasn't around.
Suddenly evon suggested that we have our dinner at a korean restoran right after work.
Not a bad idea after all~ xD
At they thought was juz us but then i invited my nai ma~
Then slowly t.On, Sam and lastly Vivian.
We reach there around 8 though we said 7.30pm
Forgive us coz we're malaysians~
Yaya blame it on the society~ haha~ tat how we do things~

I left my house at around 7.30pm to fetch my nai ma,
while in the mean time sam was there waiting for us.
slowly we found our way to desa park city.
When we reach there sio and sam were waiting there.
the next person to arrive was evon and jennifer
and then t.On plus her bf ah kent.
Lastly was Vivian of coz she was last due to the short notice.
We ate and luagh til we were full. 1st after the meal we wanted to have a walk at the park but due to rain we found ourselves sitting in secret recipe chatting and eating cakes~
sorry dint take any picture there to as evidence~ xD
The one very person which we tried our best to drag along wasn't here was the one and onli Connie!! Always dodging the bullet~ no la i belive she has her reasons de~
We're teachers~ of coz we're understanding~ xD
Ish humble humble~

Had a wonderful dinner to find myself knowin more about each others life and forgetting my past slowly. Wad makes us so different? sumtimes this question bugs me alot.
To think of an answer to satisfy my own curiosity, mayb it was our belives which really build us up, mayb it was the different life style we're having?
Anyway if everyone was the same it won't be tat interesting~
All together there 9 of us there tat day~
An Awesome day~
all thanks and praises go to god~

WAds wrong wif my slippers? = =
Vivian said it spoiled my outfit

My nai ma(han han) was so hungry and wasn't able to control herself after seeing the spoon
so she is helping herself with the spoon~

Salad leaf to wrap the side dishes, Which i threw in almost everything in it

Salad leaf Fan!!!!

T.On and my nai ma~

Sam's evil grin of death~!!!
My nai ma looks satisfied after eating the spoon~ :P
A Group photo of the day~ though we're missing sumone~
haha~ Vivian was our camera woman of the day~

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斯永 said...

forget the unhappy things~ make urself more happy than before~ ^^
Do ur best o~ support u o~