Sunday, March 14, 2010

Need to rest mayb?

Its getting tiring as days goes by.
How long will i continue to stand?
I'll found my break through today,
It wasn't much but its enuff.
I've tried my best to suppress myself til the very end.
Its not my limit yet i know it.
The problem is tat i dunno how to back off.
I'll back down now.
But i cant resist to see tat wad is she doin.
Even if she decide to tat, what can i do?
Can my question be answered?

The people around is also slowly chaging no more friendly
As days pass by the more hatred continue to grow.
How do i fight this battle?
Not just hatred is grow. Sorrow and despair is also getting equally strong.
Do i juz move aside and let things slide?
It does feel like myself by doing so..
I will eat up everything u all throw at me..
So relax~
I'll continue to slowly eat up all this crap tat i've caused
I'll end wad i've started.
Do wadever you wan to me i don't care at all!!!!
I'm no more a men pleaser.
But dun you dare condemn my love ones
Or i shall come after you.
Not threatening? Ya i know try me~
And i'll make sure we're see each other in jail
or mayb you wont see ur love ones anymore.
Thanks to all of these happening i've found hatred back in my heart again..
Why??? I'll have to remove it again, I've done it before i'll juz have to do it again.
Growth? I wish..
Grudge? I crush..

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