Tuesday, March 30, 2010

26th march 2010 Last day working at little inventor

The day right after the dinner wif the gang.
its my last day teaching in little inventor.
Was doin the normal work as usual.
In the morning i greet all the my children, somehow when the other teachers remind me tat it was my last, i dint feel anything at all~

Seeing my children and taching them knowing tatit will be the very last time i will be seeing them. everything was ok until the clock strikes 5 and i had to get back to the office to do sum office work. I was still carrying yee xuan when i had to put her down.
i suddenly felt tat i really wan to continue to work here.
And will much resistance i put her down and waving bye bye to her~
Her innocence and chubby smile was oso saying bye bye to me.
Slowly as the clock slowly moves to 6 i said goodbye to t.wong
and soon seeing off my children one by one~
I really wont forget this working exprience, as i really enjoy working here.
I thank god for giving me the chance to work here and meeting ppl of different faces.

my daughter shin jie xD

from the left yi xing, xin tong and shin jie

shin jie and yoon jae

from the left shin jie, xi wei and xue rou

My baby yee xuan~ xD

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