Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fragment of Regret

On that day, we walked our separate ways
I wonder what kind of excuses should I come up with now
I sense weakness which could not be concealed every time I stumble blindly
Your existence on that day strangles this body

With my firm self, I swear to the future that I will believe in those strong eyes of yours
The skies I have traveled, they have a freedom which is similar to solitude.

I only don’t want to turn back

If you recall, we were very alike, right?
Whether it was our untruthful words or our retreating figures that pretended to be brave
I’m sure the circumstances are the same for the both of us. We had our mutual emotions too
I’m not strong enough to tell you about my feelings of insecurity

The dream I want to grasp,
I was always being buried by my own answers to my questions within the interval of wishes
If it is your present self, will I be reflected in your happy eyes?

There are things which will become tainted and time that flows on
But that’s right, because it’s definitely not a mistake …Yes, I’ll believe that

An eternal dream, if I keep on tracing the painted world,
I will find those times and your radiance there which existed without changing.
See, you will be rewarded everything
In the middle of a continuously bewildering journey,
I bore my wounds within the fragments of regret but
The answers I kept on searching for is here now, and I held onto your small hand…

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