Saturday, July 16, 2011

16 July 2011 Unexpected!


the keychains i got from OO nite and the badges i bought, AH(always hungry) was for her though~

damn lot of things to write~
ok 1st of all i was suppose to be working today, BUT last minute it was cancelled and i had a very bad stomachache in the morning.
so i went to Urbanscapes with wesha, initially i thought we'll be going with the SSH gang(and if she happen to be going that would be a bonus i guess?) so i thought why not~? but in the end it was just wesha and I that went there in the morning, we met up with wendi and her sister plus 5 of her friends, though i wasn't expecting to see wendi there~ anyway they were supposed to setup a booth there la~
when we reached urbanscapes, wesha was complaining that it wasn't really happening there yet and both of us were very very hungry~ while scouting for food and was looking around with wesha somehow there was this 8tv quickie thing finding for a new host, and we saw wendi with her friend(they look very close so i'm guessing its her boi friend?) inside waiting to give it a shot, while i on the other hand was hesitating whether should i try it out or not? in the end i gave it a shot coz the number they gave me was 007 :DDD
it was then when they asked us to prepare for questions like why we think we should be the new host? and intro ourselves abit, suddenly wendi whispered to wesha asking me to tell that how much i like "her" during the interview, honestly i was stunned abit la~ guess there's no secret between her and her best friend huh? anyway i gave this a go coz i was reminded of wad lyn told me *do something u would never do!* and it turned out it was quite fun~ though yes i know i suck =3=

Was hanging out ,chatting, helping to sell the items in the booth while eating green tea popcorn!
though wesha and i was addicted to the popcorn at 1st but in the end we dint wanted anything to do with it anymore. Wesha told me that "she" was going also~ ugh my heart drop out for awhile, coz i thought she was going to bon odori~ i saw alot of things that i thought she would like, wanted to get it for her but i thought that ugh mayb not this time bah, since i'm still having trouble talking normally with her.
but in the end i bought a badge for her and a bag of macarons, coz i took wesha's advice and i thought mayb can give it a try bah~ but honestly i of thought buying her sumthing coz i knew she at first oso wanted to come to urbanscapes de but she just dint come~ anyway we were at urbanscapes from 12pm til 4pm, saw alot of things and learnt alot of things oso~ wasn't disappointed at all~

when we rushed back for OO, i asked wesha for help to give the things to "her" but i doubting whether my decision was right? coz if i dun have the guts to give it to her face to face den hmmm things aren't gonna go well. After slacking and playing awhile outside the college hall, she came! my heart drop out for awhile coz she look so cute~ :DD haha she was in a dress while wearing a red checks jacket~ and her hair was tied neatly~

after we entered the college hall, and i when searching for my bro, aaron and dorcas, when i came back to my seat raymond gave me the badge which wesha gav her, i was completely frozen back there, i knew that "yes ernest that choice back was not the right choice at all and u can forget about the macarons!" i was under the weather through out the whole event and to top it up with the not very impressive performance, though i kept shouting and scream when our TT members went on stage~ but honestly i was seriously fucked up inside until i really wanted to walk off half way trough the event. but in the end i stayed, and as soon as the event ended, i haven cam out with a solution yet and was really really panic-ing, but in the end when our eyes met she gave a smile and asked me was urbanscapes fun? MY GOODNESS INSTANTLY I WAS RELIEVED I NEARLY RAN A WHOLE LAP AROUND THE COLLEGE HALL. was damn freaking happy, though this time i tried to give her the badge but she insisted that i keep it, i just agreed coz i thought *there's finally some improvement! so don't rush! take it slowly bah! don't ruined it again!* honestly i was just happy it dint turn out the way i thought it would.

the whole gang of us TT people when for supper and yes she was there, at first i dint noe the way there so i asked her to company me, coz i thought mayb i can talk to her abit more? but she said she was following someone~ but HEY take it slow i told myself~ so i went with the flow~ while eating most of us were taking photos and i thought hey why not take this chance to take a photo with her? but then the thought came again take it slow? i was seriously too overjoyed dy~

mayb tomorrow i'll take a photo with her bah~? maybe?


Mr Lonely said...

walking here with a smile.. have a nice day ~ =D

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

Ernest said...

you too~ =)