Friday, July 22, 2011

22th July 2011 Dawn of the sky

It was yesterday when i came home early and i check for manga updates~
the manga which i enjoy reading sora no otoshimono juz had a update and let me tell u this! this manga seriously rocks! awesome comedy! awesome storyline! one of the best manga i would say!
and it has a direct link to my funny bone!

but i was just then when i was laughing my heads out about how the main character tomoki tries to explain what is love to a young girl by showing her how much he loves erotic stuff! he rushes into the girls changing room and got his balls kneed! lol and he tried many other way but always end up that he got his ass kicked! but anyway in the end his grandfather came out in a vision to tell him that what his doing is wrong! because it is not called love if its one sided right? thats why things doesn't work out! in the end after he understands it he rushes back into the female changing room and this time he strips himself naked also! LMAO no longer one sided? haha~ anyway while i was laughing my ass out, suddenly sumthing stuck me really really hard in my head!

love isn't sumthing you only give or only receive, love is somethign to be freely exchanged! LOL
though its from a manga but honestly it really stuck me hard! so what i've been doin was the same! its one sided!! i wasn't trying to understand her at all!!! i was forcing her to understand me! i was just forcing my feelings towards her... SHYT!!!! nothing was exchange! i just kept on thinking from my point of view that i should not give up and what i could do! SHYT!!!!! its seriously one the big mistakes anyone could afford making... WHAT HAVE I DONE?!

I'm seriously a trouble maker wei... i caused her so much problems... even after all the troubles she was still willing to be normal friends with me, damn she's just too kind... i really need to apologize to her, damn if i am ever given the chance to do so i MUST apologize to her!! damn and i thought i was trying to understand everything the best as i could RUBBISH!! i wasn't understanding anything at all!!!

feeling very guilty for what i've done, but on the other hand i'm happy because i finally understand what went wrong! and yes i had been asking this question and finally answer! my father's timing is seriously awesome always sending answers to me when i need them the most!
anyway i feel like a burden has been lifted from me, though i'll still have to face the music but at least i understand now why i'm facing the music now!

anyway for now, i guess the chances of me seeing her will be getting lesser and lesser, i hope that the next time we meet we can talk like normal friends bah and i wont suddenly be come a coward , even if its just for awhile. And finals are coming, i better be prepared to crush'em!

Okay lets hear for one last time before i start my studies!

*as usual everything unpleasant are suppose to stay in this blog!*

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