Wednesday, July 20, 2011

21 July 2011 Continuing

its finally the 3rd day of the SOT sport carnival and since monday wesha has helped out until today~ a very BIG THANK YOU to her seriously~ even though today she dint help out but i'm juz glad she was there juz in case~ and there were things about "her"~ haha~ as usual she's still popping in and out of my head almost the whole day, even though i told myself to put things aside coz now i can't do anything at all, let time decide and does what's needed to be done! i'm just a nobody, now i think of it, i have no talents i'm not good any sports neither am i good at art, coz i'm juz a jack of all trades, master of none!

today after the basket ball tournament my course mates and i had a basketball game which had been awhile since we had one~ was very enjoyable and cleared my head for awhile but it felt good even though it was just awhile. Had dinner with edwin, wei hong and bor lih that was 1st round and 2nd round was with wesha, pei shan and pork. yes pork is his nickname i was astonish too when i heard his name =3= anyway had a very very full dinner today. and its been quite awhile since i had a proper meal, i've been having fast food for lunch and dinner almost everyday this week. guess nothing happen by chance bah~ anyway i feel very guilty for skipping the flashmob training today again, i'm planning to skip the basketball tomorrow and go for the flashmob training i cannot afford to disappoint jayson anymore, his seriously a good person don't wanna let him down~ and i seriously dint want to give a damn about the basketball tournament dy though i think they can managed it since all the other sports ended~ i worked like a dog for them and at the end of the day chanchai tells me " WHY YOU EMO?" or he'll around with his indirect jokes about me being emo. and the worst part is that when i tell him or reminds him of the problems we have now he'll jus shout at me "YOU THINK I'M NOT STRESS KE? I NEED TO WRITE POSTMORTEM YOU KNOW!" and i was thinking dood u're not even handling any games or sport, u're just participating in the futsal game, and even though he was tackled and unable to play anymore but he doesn't help much rather than helping he'll be disturbing people and poking fun of me, coz i last time did told him about my problem with "her" and yes now i think of it it was a FREAKING BAD decision! IT COMPLETELY BACK-FIRED ON ME. looks the people i can trust its only just lyn and the gang. makes me sound so weak wei. anyway i made sure none of the knows about this blog except my brothers bah~ so everything's steady i guess~ :DD anyway i wont completely blame chanchai for being an ASS HOLE at time bah i mean everyone needs a break considering he is always talking to the top guns in college mayb he just wanted to be carefree for awhile~ and i'm doing all this is all consider as I ASKED FOR IT bah~
coz i joined the SWC naturally these are my responsibility.

haha~ i've been thinking for awhile , why did things ended up this way? there were too many possible answers which i thought up of, but then the most important as wad lyn told me was "LIVE IN THE MOMENT!"~ damn guess his always there to wake me up abit :DDD thx bro!
anyway things about her are best put aside now though i keep yearning to see her, but when i think about after u see then what? things not settled down enough yet, no point stepping on road that just being painted kan? let it rest for awhile and let it dry b4 you step on it!
anyway Kent just uploaded the photos we took that day~ HAHA FINALLY!!! when i look at that picture although her smile was partly blocked by her finger~ but i'm just really happy i took a picture with her INTENTIONALLY this time :DDD i regretted not asking her to take a few more with me. anyway i'll try to ask her next time~!!! OSU!! i'm just addicted to her sweet smile bah! its like a drug to me =3= LOL! aku jadi drug addict pulak sekarang~ haha~

as usually everything unpleasant written in this blog is suppose to stay in this blog and i'm suppose to start up fresh after posting all this!! Even though i can't do anything now, my heart doesn't waver at all, so just let time do its part bah~ while i need to keep my mind focus on the coming battles!

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