Sunday, July 17, 2011

17 July 2011 One of the best days? maybe not~

Today i had a blast with the TT humans at lot 10 shabu~
we met up in timesquare at about 3pm and when shopping and hang out abit~
of coz she was there la~ still abit cold but anyway i was just happy i was there.
we had dinner at shabu shabu in lot10, the food wasn't really that nice, lack of good sauce.
and i was lack of interaction with her *sobs*

anyway from where i was sitting, i was able to see most of the people la~ all of them was taking photos and most of the people were running from the right to the left and from the left to the right~ while the people on my table was just chilling and eating except for kent that little basket~
i dint really know the finalists neither did i really wanted to know them well so badly la~ just go with the flow only~ most of the time i find her missing in action and was isolating herself from the main group, honestly i really wanna know what's going on in that mind of her's, was it because i was hanging out with them? or another reason? anyway i think girl's also ask the same question sometimes bah? i just brushed it aside though but was keeping an eye on her. After the meal, took me quite sometime before i dared to ask her to take a picture with me, her smile melted my heart instantly! haha was really so happy nearly jump out from the window~ :DD

and after that we did a flashmob in front of the shop, and while walking to pavillion we came out wit ha plan that whenever we heard sumone said 小心! we would squat and put our hands behind our heads, though was worried that it may cause mass panic but thank god it end up that everything was okay~ another trip we played in pavillion, suddenly all of us were pointing an looking up at sum random position lol the by passers were also looking at that direction!!!
next 72 of us were walking in a straight line inside pavillion and we kept going in circles up and down of the escalators~ DAMN FUN! though i heard some old dood complaining to the security bumber~ anyway we escape the scene fast enough though :D and the final act was the same looking up at pavillion building but this time AH pheng was standing at the direction we pointed at, one European dood ask one of our finalist whether was that guy Justin bieber! my goodness best joke ever! mind you through all this she dint really join us, serious as usually huh? after that i part ways with the gang, and i send
xhirley home, she stays in selayang though~ cute girl with a very fragile voice =3=

And yes when i reached home~ was chating of facebook and looking for updates until! hor hor~ i saw that she posted:
君が翻訳するなら 聞いて 私達は普通の友達だけ 絶対それ以上​の関係は無理です だから 私のこと普通に対しても全然いいです​! 私は、君に特別にされたくない 実は迷惑です。 この前電話​で言ったはず 友達のまんまでいい それ以上は絶対無理 それだ​けb
i tried to translate it using google translator but as usual, it just giving me rubbish, so i tried to reading it phonetically, which turns out to be~
from i understand:

Mr.Translator, if you can hear, we are just normal friend and nothing more than that, and it is absolutely impossible that it can go above that level of relationship. So, i am completely against it. I, Mr. Special i dont want you, really annoying! In fact i've told you this on the phone before, we're just so-so friends only. more than that is absolutely impossible. that all.

hmmm how should i react to this? i'm seriously lost of direction after this~ it happened to be my best day and hmm~ i just posted in my status that i got the message loud and clear, and surprisingly she replied! coz i was worried about since its been quite awhile since i left i thought she went home oso so i just sms her la~ and it turns out that she when to the movies for harry potter 7~ anyway she posted in my wall asking me to treat her normally and just like a normal friend.
ugh i don't have such things as normal friends all my friends are special and not one i treat the same. anyway i told her she was thinking too much bah, ok mayb i was treating slightly different than a normal friend? since yesterday i bought things for her, i cant help it she's my crush =3= and yes idid told her i still dunno how to treat a rascal yet~ dunno whether she gets my point though. coz i like how the way things are going now in reality i don't want to ruined it again, though i recently was really trying to treat her normally but i just dint really take the chance to talk to her yet. *what i think and what i do is completely different stories, i can treat her like a normal friend but she is still the person i like in my heart* my friend once asked me why don't you just give up? I can't.. i just can't! anyway i don't really want to give it any thought coz i may had translated it wrongly also, PLUS i'm not good at short runs i am at my best when i'm going for a long run coz it shows my true colors. *the best things in life are worth waiting!* i also don't why just her presence make my heart pound, why just her smile melts my heart instantly. i wan an answer! anyway who cares~ my heart don't waver that easily de lor~ for know i only know is that what i need to do,and things will be alot different and painful from now on but i guessed i'm not called ernest chong without a reason. so its the best day or its the worst day? and i believe everything don't happen by chance! anyway i like how things are now if i put the post aside la~ so lets just leave everything in this blog. anyway that's what this blog is for though =3=


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