Monday, July 18, 2011

18th July 2011 Sports carnival

a very tiring day, although i skipped math lecture and sleep til 11am, i went to college slightly early b3fore my maths tutorial and went to swc room to study awhile at less that's wad i planned to do.
when i reach there alexander told me that the sot sport carnival's notice board was completely gone and we went to double check it. yup though i looks like sumone did it rather than being riped by the wind, anyhow by the time chanchai came we settled the notice board almost instantly and started importing our equipments from mr guang~ and we started to clean the sot cupboard for space to keep the equipments, then hor hor~ she came into the room with wesha~ was abit shocked and happy though, but almost instantly i was in a blur i dint know whether should go talk to her or should just continue doing my stuff until she was alone? but it dint happen the guy name ryan which is also momoko's boi friend was chatting with her the whole time~ guess my face problem bah~ haha~ i dint wanna put much thought in it, since she said juz treat her normally. so i just carried out my duty anyway it was also every messy, i stink of sweat so i thought better not approach her bah~

anyway the sport carnival was having problems with the futsal coz 4 team submitted their forms after the deadline and was not accepted and that was the main reason ryan was there, and later on some other futsal guys came which sounded like they wanted a fight, bah childish shit!! anyone can give you a fight, but it takes balls for u to resolve the problem and walk away!!
i explained almost 7 times for them got fed up and walk off with a very pissed off look~ ah~boR~ we even extended the deadline from friday to sunday for you but they send they forms in on tuesday after the meeting, we're not willing to change everything for they all lor~ i mean u as a sportsman should be better than this and u should show more sportsmanship than this lor rather than trying to resolve things with a fight~ like i said anyone of us can give u a fight if you so desperate for one, but WHAT FOR? problem not solve and u're reputation will stink for ur whole college life. anyway i notice that alexander was more a paper work guy, he cant handle talking and explaining to ppl, coz his too soft and people then to munch him up instantly! but honestly i really appreciate him helping us out, since i know chanchai doesn't do much work even though his the chairperson, yes he'll tell u he printed this and typed that, but if u were to listen properly those are very simple stuff which most of us can do, but he'll tell in a way u'll be amazed that he did so much work. anyway alexander did a good job! THANK YOU!!!

when the time came closer, problem started to appear b4 us. we lack people to take of basketball and table tennis, wokay! alot to explain *takes a deep breathe*
here we go~:
1.basket ball we have no referees, and the idea of finding a referee on the spot wasn't a very promising idea AT ALL! and we don't have enough member to coordinate the game properly.
2.tabletennis, our coordinator cheah ern was missing in action and hey! guess what when we called her she said she's coming back from her home town at 4pm~ and guess where's her home town? KEDAH!! my goodness!!! how can she be so irresponsible?? was really disappointed with her lor, she said she will help out whenever she is needed, please don't make promises you CANT KEEP!!!

okies~ i told alexander, i can take care of basketball, while the chess since raymond and oscar was suppose to help me with it so i thought i could leave it to them, while alexander can take care of table tennis since he have knowledge of it. so i thought that everything was settled, i asked wesha and eveline for help, and yes thank God they came to rescue the day! they seriously helped me alot~!!! I really wanted to give them a big hug!

okay after i stationed myself at the basketball court, i tried to find people that are willing to be referees. i managed to find one but no luck with the second one, until i asked ah pheng, he recommended me his friend which show interest in become a referee. i took him in, and GAME ON!

during the game my goodness that guy ah pheng recommended really really sucks. i regretted asking him to be a referee and he even nearly got his ass kicked on the spot, thank God~ his timing is really awesome! a guy that was watching the game while sitting next to us told us that HEY! i can be a referee to sub that guy out! and yes i gladly took him in and replace ah pheng's friend. thank god this referee really knows how to do his job, while before this the teams were furious and they started to curse and swear all over the place, while i was actually starting to lose my cool, those basketball players are really BASKETBALLS! i they gave us the lanci look and started to simply swap players into the match, really really really felt like giving it to them! and disqualifying them! bah~ after this referee came in everything was smooth sailing~

while wesha and eveline was complaining to me that they were disappointed with the SOT basketball players all so noob, lol i don't dare to call them noob since i was no better~ but really was a boring and full of foul- ish game not one bit of sportsmanship is sported through the whole game. then suddenly raymond called me~ he asked me where was i?and whether the chess games started? i was seriously STUNNED i thought he was handling the chess game nicely and now his asking me this, i ran towards canteen 2 foyer since he told me he was there, which i nearly got ran over by a car, i dint notice it coming from my blind spot. but thank God i was able to drag my body out of the way before it hit me, but seriously that driver was no joke he dint even slow one bit at all. guess my face problem bah~ haha~

btw the time i reached canteen 2 foyer raymond wasn't there =3= i was seriously pissed off. but after awhile her showed up, i asked him whether can we start it now, which i thought dood its 6 o'clock the participants should had already came and went back with the feeling that we ffk-ed them. which i'll be calling to apologize tomorrow, so i asked raymond to go and check out the snooker side, he said he wants to call alexander 1st, which i think won't be answering the phone. honestly if i can just drop the basketball things to them, i would have ran to the club house to see the situation. but raymond is not me and he look very irritated, i was thinking dood u're late and u're giving me this attitude don't you its not very fair to me? i din't even flame him for being late at all. while he was trying to get through the phone, i went back to the court.

everything was smooth sailing~ i was relieved abit~ though some problem with the participants not respecting the referees, bah human behavior wants to comment alot but i bet no one of those little bastards can do a better job than my referees! and they can suck my left nut and spit it on my right!!!! ish~ putting those noobs aside, everything was fine though i had trouble finding 2 extra tables for us but hey found it in the end and carried it back for them, at least i thought their helping me, i should give them as much comfort as possible, i seriously owe them not just one but ALOT!

then i saw raymond walking furiously to his car, i asked him how's everything with alexander? he juz gave me the i dunno sign with a very furious look, while i really was disappointed with raymond, then again i thought we're humans there are times when all of us will get tired bah~ anyway when he drove pass i thought he was going home but! he din't turn toward the exit~ haha~ steady as always bah~ i knew his not that type of person that would run away when things gets a little rough.

after that, everything was okay~ until the 2nd game which is qs year 1 vs qs year 2, another bunch of BASKETBALLS. all playing rough which made it another boring game, which wesha and eveline also agreed. i told them at the beginning of the game that referee's decision is finals and please learn to respect the referees, and if they think they can do a better job please come and prove it. and one of the little bastards who was a referee last year and a freaking rough player said that he could but he would rather play while calling me a a dumb ass. ugh! made me twitch abit but what the hell, i don't have time to give a FLYING CRAP about what everyone wants to call me. GAME ON!

until the second half most of the players were furious about each other playing rough, and one provoked the other for a fight~ baah childish noobs, can't they be like ma brother Aaron? he knows that he gets pissed off while playing basketball therefore he choose to quit the game before he actually ended in a fight. shyt wei thier 18 years old and some even 19 years old and they still going about this? my goodness~ we'll see how u'll last when u start work~ what goes around comes around u see~ what u reap is what u sow~
the worst thing was that the winning team was make a big fuss about some minor problem, btw the winning was the red team and their leader was that little bastard that made me twitched back then, he was freaking loud and annoying through the whole game. there was even a time that they simply switch players until there was 6 players in the court, and then they switch it became 4 and then suddenly 6. the referee blew the whistle and suddenly one of them burst into flame and started shouting! ugh~ our problem? it was their own PROBLEM!!! really basketballs!!! somemore want to shout my goodness MALU BETUL!!! lol~ but in the end they won and suddenly u see they were all so happy~ ugh~ stupid boring game with no sportsmanship at all~

anyway after the match, wesha, eveline and i agreed to go mcD for dinner~ so i gave them my car keys so that they can put their bags in my car and go print the mcD coupons while~ i, chanchai, raymond, kent, and roy BROKE INTO the swc room, i had to climb in from the window to unlock the door for them~ was damn fun wei~ though i'm not really that small anymore but i made it la~ :D after we went to mcD with wesha, eveline, roy , raymond and i~ had a fun dinner with them~ i was really hyper back then was simply making jokes out of almost everything, was glad that wesha and eveline were very sporting oso la :DDD though i kinda wished that she was here bah~ lolz~ as if i can do anything la~ hahaha~ time is always a factor!

after sending eveline home~ back infront of my computer haha~ i tried to chat with her on facebook, which turned out that i seriously blew it, she sounded serious about why i sounded surprised about almost everything she does and why do i take her macam a kiddo~ lol i wish i could tell her i was just teasing her only and i just wanted to drag the conversation abit and make it less boring rather than jus yes or no questions. bah~ i ended up telling her that i'm sorry i'm still in the process of trying to treat her normally which honestly i felt really fucked up after saying that =3= i seriously blew it again!!! her reply was "its okay~ lol" damn i seriously suck wei! everything has a price to pay! and after what i said just now the price was pretty i think! anyway i must not lose sight of who i am, and my duties and promises, those are the most important things in my life. my friend once asked me why was i so crazy about her? explain why i like her is like asking me to explain how water taste like.

anyway jian yi help me translate yesterday's message and it turns out to be sumthing like this~:

we are just normal friends thats all. anymore is impossible.
treat me normally is good enuf(?). Dont treat me specially, it is actually troublesome for me. I told u before on phone that we are better off as friends. anymore further than this is impossible. thats all.

hmm i guess i wasn't really that off with my translation oso bah~ but anyway i got the message and yes! i din't forget it, its still ringing in my head~ haha~ i was so tired i dint know should be happy or sad? i'm just glad i understand what it meant~ :DDD
anyway this week's gonna be every tiring for me bah~ i'll be putting my duty 1st rather than my love life, lol its not likes there gonna be alot happening with my love life oso~ haha~ anyway i find myself seriously starting to sound like the chairman for SOT sport carnival dy =3= bah bah~ btw i chat awhile with sam today she sound very stressed and fed up with somethings, cant help it i guess though i'm ready to help her if she ever needs my help la~ same goes to anyone of my friends~ hahaha~ okay tats all for today~ i just notice i've been blogging alot lately~ non-stop each day wei~ haha~ but this blog only all filled with my worries and trouble~ bah i'm just dropping them here so i can deal with more of the things to come later on~ anyway time is short already and and we don't have much time left, i'm praying hard that i'll make it!!


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